0.25mm/0.20mm Tinplate Sheet For Food Tin Lids

Place of Origin: China, JiangSu
Brand Name: WuXi YF Steel Sheet
Model Number: MR DR8 CA 929mm 990mm SPTE

Bright Electrolytic Tin Plate
SPTE TFS Tinplate Coils
DR8CA Tinplate Coils



YF Tinplate offer hight standard Tinplate Sheet for Food Tin Lids, These Tinplate sheets are specifically designed to be used in the manufacturing of lids for food tins. The tin coating provides protection against rust and corrosion, making it ideal for preserving food.

Tinplate Sheet For Food Tin Lids
Tinplate Sheet For Food Tin Lids

Specifications of Tinplate Sheet For Food Tin Lids

Hardness: DR8CA,DR9CA, DR8,DR9,T5BA,T5CA, DR7CA,TH550,T4CA,T4BA, L T5CA K,T3BA, T2.5BA, T2.5CA

Package: Iron Guard With Fumigation Wooden Pallet


Surface: Bright,Stone,Matte, Sliver, Rough Stone

Thickness: 0.15-0.45mm,0.15mm 0.17mm 0.20mm 0.21mm 0.30mm Or Customized

Tin Coating: 1.1/1.1g/m², 2.8/2.8g/m²,5.6/5.6g/m², Etc. Or Customerized

Features: Rust Resistance, Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Paintablity, Rorrosion Resistance Etc

Use: Tuna Can, Dairy Can, Fish Can, Tomato Can , Paint Can Etc

Application: Tinplate Sheet For Food Tin Lids

Tinplate sheets are preferred for food tin lids due to their resistance to corrosion, non-toxic nature, and ability to withstand high temperatures, ensuring the food inside is kept in good condition. These sheets are often used in the production of lids for canned fruits, vegetables, soups, meats, fish, and more.

Food Tin Lids

Advantages of Food Tin Lids

  • The manufacturing of tinplate sheets involves a process of heating and cooling which helps to strengthen the metal and improve its durability.
  • The sheets can also be lacquered or printed on depending on the requirements of the food product or brand.
  • Tinplate sheets for food tin lids are also recyclable, making them a more environmentally-friendly packaging option.
  • They are also typically easier to open compared to other types of metal lids, improving convenience for the consumer.