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Wuxi YouFu Steel Sheet CO.,ltd., a reliable China tinplate and TFS supplier, is established in April 2012, we leading tinplate manufacturer in China. We offers Tinplate Tinplate sheetTinplate coil and Tin free steel.

A large scale China tinplate supplier

YouFu Steel Sheed located in Jiangsu China .with covering area of 267,000 squae meters and total construction area of 90,100 square meters ,Registered capital is 320 million RMB and planning total investment is about 1 billion RMB .

With an annual output of 500,000 tons of high precision cold -rolled strip and 200,000 tons of electrolytic tinplate and tin free steel (TFS) ,products are widely used in the packaging of food, beverage and industrial products .

Hight standard tinplate production factory

We are the first six-stand continuous cold rolling mill in China. The mill consist of six stand six-roller stands in tandem, in which the strip is rolled between two work rolls. Because of the high rolling force, the work rolls needs large diameter support rolls.

The length of the steel strip is increased during cold rolling, depending on the reduction in thickness in the individual stands. The maximum speed in the last stand of the six-stand tandem cold rolling mills is 800m/min.The rolling process is computer controlled to ensure effective control of production and quality.In future we will become one of the most important tinplate supplier over the world.

The office of YF tinplate factroy
The office of YF tinplate factroy

All our tin plate sheet ,tin plate coil and tin free steel (TFS) are manufactured strictly according to ISO9001 standards and with the full range specifications. We provides customers with high quality tinplate products and service .

We warmly welcome old and new friends in the world to cooperate with us.

The office of YF tinplate supplier
The office of YF tinplate supplier

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    Testimonies of Tinplate Supplier

    Mark (Co-funder):

    As a manufacturing company, we have been relying on our Tinplate supplier for more than five years now. With their consistent delivery of high-quality Tinplates and their relentless dedication to customer service, they have never failed to impress us. Their products have played a significant role in maintaining the quality of our products. We hope to continue our partnership with them for years to come.

    AMY (Sourcing Manager):

    I have had the privilege of working with our Tinplate supplier for couple of years now. Their commitment to providing top-notch services and products is outstanding. They are always punctual with their deliveries, ensuring that our production line doesn’t get delayed. The quality of their tinplate is also notable, as it has significantly contributed to the durability and finish of our final products.

    As a new start-up trying to navigate the manufacturing industry, finding a reliable tinplate supplier was crucial for our business. We are fortunate to have partnered with our current supplier who goes above and beyond to meet our needs. The quality of their tinplates has greatly improved the quality of our products, winning praises from our customers. Their customer service team is always responsive and ever-ready to assist us. Working with them has indeed been a positive and beneficial experience.

    Recommeded China Tinplate Supplier

    With hight standard production, large scale factory and fast customer supports , YouFu is listed in Osourcify.com as Recommeded China Tinplate Supplier.

    YF tinplate manufacturer
    YF tinplate manufacturer