Aerosol can cone and dome



China professional factory of aerosol can tops and bottoms. Cone and dome of aerosol can play a crucial role in the packaging industry functioning as the top and bottom sections of aerosol cans.

Size of cane and dome we offer:

Φ52 can series, Φ57 can series, Φ65 can series, Φ65 High pressure cans, Φ65 Straight wall cans.

Cone And Dome For Aerosol Can With Different Sizes
Cone And Dome For Aerosol Can With Different Sizes

The advantages of Tin cone and dome

The types and materials of cone and dome for aerosol can components can vary depending on the specific application and requirements.

But Tin cone and dome offer several advantages in aerosol can components.It offer better corrosion resistance, better sealability, lightweight, aesthetic appeal and recyclability.

Applications of cone & dome for aerosol cans

The application of aerosol can components is indeed diverse and extends to many different industries. Cones and domes are specifically designed to handle the pressurized environment inside aerosol cans, providing safety and dependability.

Customization of cone & dome

The ability to customize the shape and apply coatings to these components is crucial, as it allows for tailoring to the unique requirements of each product. This customization enhances the seal of the can and optimizes its overall performance. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, aerosol cans may require a specific coating or shape to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the medication. In the automotive sector, coatings might be selected to resist certain chemicals or temperatures.

The pressurized nature of aerosol cans presents unique challenges, and the engineering of cones and domes plays a vital role in meeting these demands. Their design and material selection ensure that the can maintains its structural integrity, preventing leaks or potential failures.

By offering custom shaping and coating options, manufacturers can adapt the aerosol can components to the specific needs of their products, resulting in improved functionality, extended shelf life, and enhanced user experience. This customization also enables companies to differentiate their products in the market and meet the evolving demands of consumers.